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Gus sat back down. He finally knew what was down on that planet, what Jax was hiding. Bounty Hunters. After him. But why me? he thought. JAx doesn't trust me.... Otherwise he would've told me about them, and he probrably thinks I can't handle them... He lloked at Kaitlyn, whom was removing the dead body from the room. Gus slowly got up and wlaked over to her in pain. "Sit own! Your leg looks bad, go rest." His leg hurt so bad.... when he took that shot, the blast had hit him right in the shin. he sat back down, thinking about Jax, about his aprents, and about this war. gus sighed. He knew his parents were still alive, they were out there.... somewhere... "What's wrong?" Interrupted Kait. He forgot all about that. About how good she was at reading someone's emotions. "Nothing." He said quickly. He released his darkness and let it clear some emotion. Gus gave a deep bretah. Much better... He lay down on his back. Something else.... That temple.... but what about it? Gus thpught hard. He was using the force to listen to Jax's conversation, but Jax had just now used the force to block Gus's power out. Darnit...

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