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Okay, not only am I not a fan of Anime, but I do not watch television anymore. However, as I mentioned on another thread (only minutes ago), I am a big fan of an old series called Cowboy Bebop.
It dealt with a group of bounty hunters in the future. However, it has got a lot of "Film Noir" content, and goes through many deep themes. It is a rather pessimist show, specially considering the end, but together with GF, it was one of the things that had an amazing impact on my life.
Oh, and I have seen an episode of 'Get Backers', though I can't recall what it was about. The last anime show I caught a glimpse of was called 'Wolf's rain', and it was a pretty decent series.

As for comics, I adore MAD mag (if you consider it a comic); but I have also got hold of many of those vintage 'Pulp' magazines, and am starting to like them as well.
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