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Doctor Who spinoff 'Torchwood' starts next year

In a stunning announcement on Monday (including a BBC press release), BBC Television announced a new television series spun off from "Doctor Who" to be aired next year on BBC Three. Torchwood, a thirteen-part drama/sci-fi hybrid, will be executive produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner -- the executive producers of Doctor Who currently -- and will star John Barrowman, who reprises his role as Captain Jack Harkness from the first Doctor Who series earlier this year. Said to have an "organic link" to Doctor Who, Davies says that "Torchwood is a British sci-fi paranoid thriller, a cop show with a sense of humour. It's dark, wild and sexy, it's the X Files meets This Life. It's a stand-alone series for adult audiences which will have its own unique identity. I have just begun working on the scripts with a team of writers and cannot wait to see the results."
I know that many of us are Doctor Who fans (and those of us who aren't, should be) so what do you guys think of this? As much as I love the revival, I think that this might lead to oversaturation of Doctor Who...

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