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As Jax entered the science lab he released the block he had on Gus. He knew Gus had been listening in. But in the lab it was pointless to try. The lab walls were desighned to stop even Jedi mind tricks. Gus would not be able to penetrate these walls. Jax walked over to a young scientist named Ross. He handed him a peice of Gold that he extracted from his pocket. Ross took it and examined it.
"yes....time period uncertain....around the time of the wars....hmmmm very rare"
Jax turned to the captain
"Sir, on the planey below we have a lenegendary sith, he rests in a temple underneath the imperial base. He was imprisoned until a Pure Jedi could defeat him, that Jedi was supposed to be me...but i've walked too far down the dark path to have any chance of defeat him. But there is a problem he is waking up. He can sense my presance. Once awake it will be almost impossible to destroy him"
Jax stared at the gold
"...becasue how can you kill what is already dead"


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