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Originally Posted by El Virus
but I have also got hold of many of those vintage 'Pulp' magazines, and am starting to like them as well.
Oh man, I'd love to flick through one of those one day. Where did you get them from? Plus, they've surely got to be kinda pricey?

As for comics, I used to get alot of graphic novels out at the library, stuff like 2000AD, DC and Marvel comics, as well as a view others I can't remember. I preferred the graphic novels from the library, you had the whole series in one book, and because I didn't tend to read comics over and over, they didn't clutter up my room.

When I was alot younger, I used to read The Real Ghostbusters comics, as well as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Those were awesome, but sadly, long thrown away.

As for anime, I picked up Akira in the library, however, I can't remember if this was the whole series, one book, or an abridged version, or something weird. It was a long time ago!

Finally, with manga, I'm not a great fan, but a friend of mine loves the stuff and I borrowed a couple of movies off him. The first I watched was, funnily enough, Akira, followed by Kai Doh Maru (sp?) and Laputa. I found Kai Doh Maru to be a bit boring though. However, it was awesome to look at.
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