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Gus flet hte block lift. Finally... He concentrated hard, but could hear nothing, the walls were too strong. He tried to use his darkness to break past, but no..... nothing came to him. He got up and tried to walk to the door, but Kaitlyn shoved him back onto the bed. "Stay here, you need your rest!"
He rolled over on his side and sneezed. Oh no, his fever was still there.(See the Phantom RPs ) Wait.... thi wasn't a noirmal fever, it couldn't have been.... Why else would he suddenly feel great then horrbile? Oh no... He knew what it was. Kaitlyn. Her medichlorions had.... well... ''mixed'' with his. (If ya know what I mean) The result in a female's medichlorions in a male body were too much for his body. It seemed worth it, all that kissing.

(( Hey guys, i just realized I've been spelling he rname wrong on accident! It's spelled K A I T L Y N, Pronounced Kate-Lin ))

((Gotta go, see ya))

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