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Originally Posted by The Adventurer
But...but.... your name is Davros the DALEK!
Hee, yeah, seriously Davros, what's up with that? Get down to your local DVD emperium and rent anything with "Dalek" in the title IMMEDIATELY! But not the movies with Peter Cushing in, they were terrible.

If Genesis of the Daleks ever makes it to DVD, you must buy several copies and covet them daily. It's the only story where Davros was actually menacing scary.

Anyway, I think Torchwood is great news! I had always hoped that the success of Doctor Who would spawn a resurgence of science fiction - particularly home-grown science fiction, something that hasn't really been 'in' since the mid-80s, apart from a few short (and generally bad) one-off serials - and it seems I'm not going to be disappointed!

More importantly MJ, it sounds from the description as though it will be pitched squarely at 'adults', in other words it is categorically not in direct competition with Doctor Who itself. I imagine it will be aimed at 'people like us' who have grown up with Doctor Who (or at least its legacy) and now want something a little more meaty, and as El Davies says, even 'sexy'. If the end result is something a little more mature than Star Trek Voyager, I don't see how it can be a bad thing!

I do understand where you're coming from with your concerns, MJ, but luckily I think they're misplaced!

I wrote this post earlier but Internet Exploder, er, exploded. I'm sure my points came across better the first time, but there you go. Fingers crossed this time!

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