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Jax stared out the viewing window for a bit. He eventually came to his senses.
"I will take a boarding party down there with me, those soliders have no idea with what they are dealing with"
Jax left. He walked to Gus's room. Ignoring the closed door he barged in to Gus and Kaitilyn kissing
"Gus your comming with me, you too" Jax said pointing at Kaitlyn
Jax left and then walked to the med bay. He saw Don putting on his helmet.
"Don, with me"
Jax called on some others and eventually they were ready. Jax and Don would escort the others as they were in a shuttle. Jax and Don would be in their fighters. Jax saw Don looking at his B wing X zero.
"Nice" Don muttered
"I Know, I had her specially made"
"what's she like to.....pilot?"
"It's the best fighter i have ever piloted....except the old Viper IV"
Jax sighed and got into his ship he took off and once outside put his ship into attack formation. the wings unfolded. Jax loved this ship it had the desighn of the B wing meets X wing and it handled like a beut. Jax circled the cruiser until the shuttle and Don came out.


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