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"We'll be ot in a minute, guys." Gus said over the comm, as the diagnostics finsished up.
"Hmm.... Wow, Your medichlorion count is high, but most are from a female body. I assume your body just needs to get used to the high count."
"No problem, Doc."
Gus put on his tunic and slipped his Master robes over it. He slid on his boots, grabbed his saber, and headed to Kait's room. She was waiting on her bed, fixing her lightsaber. A small spark flew out as she removed the yellow color crystal and replaced it with a silver one. Her robes were already on, and she was ready. She replaced the cover on the crystal slot and put the weapon around her belt, next to her blaster. She stood and followed Gus to the hangar. She looked tired, and she didn't say a word on the way there. They hopped into their seperate ships and flew out of the hangar bay.
"Jax, Don, we're ready."

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