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Jax escorted the shuttle towards the planet. Don was protecting it from the back. They came under heavy fire but Jax and Don managed to take the Tie Fighters. They entered the atmosphere as they go closer to the ground they started to come under heavy fire. Jax and Don bombed some of the command posts. Eventually they came to a clearing and landed. They were immediatly attacked by imperial forces. Jax jumped out and ignited his lightsaber. He cut down a few storm troopers. He force pushed one into a tree. The others fled in fear. Jax walked over to the solider slupmed against the tree. Jax took off the mans helmet. He looked Jax in the eye and then attempted to punch him. Jax caught the mans hand before it had moved an inch. Jax looked him in the eye and then threw him against the tree so hard that the man was knocked unconcious. Don came over holding a rifle. The others were also comming out of the shuttle and looked around. Jax heard a noise. He turned and behind him was a bounty hunter, he glanced at the group
"which of you is Gus Kenobi?"
Jax stepped forwards
"It's you ay? You don't look so tough"
Jax smiled
"I'm not Gus, but you'll find I'm a lot stronger"
Jax jumped up, ignited his lightsaber and cut the bounty hunters gun in half and kicked him to the floor. He put the tip of his blade to the bounty hunters throat and smiled
"who are you?"
Jax looked into bounty hunters eyes
"A Jedi"


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