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Gus cut in trough Jax.
"I am."
"Jax, stay out, it's my fight now, take Kait and Don and find the tomb, I can hold these pushovers."
Gus's saber ignited and slashed at the Hunter's face. The hunter stumbled back and smirked. He aimed a Blaster at Gus and fired. He just barely dodged the bolt as he quickly struck again. He switched to a Vibro Blade and continued to strike at Gus. He dodged all of Gus's moves.
"Fine, Be that way!" Gus yelled as he used Force Crush on the pitifull exscuse for a Hunter. To Gus's suprise he broke free and slahed Gus's arm. It started to bleed. "Damn!" Gus yelled, grabbing his arm in pain. He slashed and cut thre Hunter's armor.

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