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Originally Posted by shinzuku
X Sasha is.... the bad guy, stealthily terrorizing Wave City. Hitting bus-loads of nuns.
He got his powers by.... Natural.
His powers are...... You know. Psychic stuff. Burning things are kewl.
His secret identity is... Hm. Help with this, plzkthx.
His evil goal is... Help me please.
When he fights Milla... Occasionally gets whooped. Or 'wins'.
He's like Psychonauts Sasha... With the tude. And the accent. The face... the usual.
He's different from Psychonauts Sasha... The evil part.

Super Milla is... A super hero, defending Wave City with her awesome strength and massive popluar vote.
Her secret identity is... HELP.
She got her powers by... BEING BORN, dawg.
Her powers are... Psychic stuff. Like Sasha, but more focusing on the thought bubble.
When She fights Sasha.... SHE ARE KICKASS. But is occasionally hesitant.
She's like Psychonauts Milla... Again, everything.
She's different from Psychonauts Milla... The kicking Sasha's ass part. =D

There. Look at quote, plz.

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