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Jx spun around
"Gus you fool!" he yelled
"These are no oridnary bounty hunters! They work for-" He was cut short. More bounty hunters appeared around them.
"damn it"
Jax charged at one and clipped him on the back of the head with the hitl of his saber. The bounty hunter collapsed. Jax turned, they were surrounded.
"Guys RUN!" Jax yelled
Jax concentrated hard. He picked all of the bounty hunters off of the floor and threw them in a heap. Jax turned to Don
"Take them and go! I'll meet up with you later!"
Jax flipped a bounty hunter over his shoulder. But it was too late, him and Gus were surrounded. To the bounty hunters surprise Jax broke into a smile.
"so this is what bounty hunters pass for these days"
Jax looked around. He stamped on the floor and as if his foot had emitted an earth tremour the bounty hunters fell backwards. Jax brought out another lightsaber and ignited it. The blue and green light emittig from them playesd with the colour on the bounty hunters armour. Jax jumped up and struck one down. He spun around and stabbed one in the shoulder. He kicked one away. He stabbed one in the stomach and then hit him on the back with the hilt of his saber. Jax did not know what Gus was doing but all he knew was here and now, if Gus resorted to using dark powers. Gus would not survive....


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