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Jax spun around. The hunter had stopped. They stood transfixed in fear and then fled. Jax had felt it too. Jax turned to Gus
"I think it's time I filled you in"
Jax sat down
"Long ago there was a Jedi named Zion Romantix, he fought alongside the Jedi for years. It is unclear but he was banished and was killed at the hands of a jedi."
Jax pasued giving Gus time to let this sink in
"Before he died he cursed the Jedi order. He was brought back to life by a sith lord long ago. He then fought my master who could not kill him so some old Jedi imprisoned him until someone arrived....Until I arrived. But thats not all. When we saw that wasn't about Rezillo at was about Zion. But On my travels I have found out more than I would have liked. Long strory short, He thinks I'm dead so I am no longer a threat to him, but you arn't dead. The reason these bounty hunters want you is to kill you. Only a pure Jedi can kill this thing"
Jax paused again
"But thats were the problems come up. I have already gone down the path to darkness so I have no chance and sadly Gus so have you. You are not Pure enough. You have evil and hatred in your heart. There is however a solution. One person who us meeting was no coincidence. Someone who you have taken a liking to...Kaitlyn. She is pure. Meeting her was no coincidence. Infact she is the reason you have fallen so far down the path to evil. She is the only one who can defeat him. But there is a catch....she will die"


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