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Gus's Descision

(( I take it your either 1) Getting Jealous f her and my charatcer or 2) You're sick of her ))

First he reactted to the darkness. "You... You weren't purified.... you're evil..." Gus used Force Sight again and saw the truth. A bloody red light came from him. Darkness. Gus looked at his friend. He was a friend, not an enemy. Then came Kaitlyn. Tears the size of golfballs rolled down his cheeks. He looked over at Kait, she was over by a tree, waiting. "C'mon guys, hurry! You're gonna miss this!"
Gus looked to his feet in sadness. He stopped crying and looked at Jax. "But.... Is the death of a loved one like her worth the galaxy?" He was selfish and arrogant. What a jerk he had been. This all came to him and he knew he was still dark, but yet he was still a Jedi. A warrior.
He decided not to tell Kait. He lloked at Jax and then to the sky, it was slowly turning orange and red. He stood beside her and sat down, she sat too, their legs dangling off the ridge. She lay her head on his shoulder and sighed. Gus looked up and saw two.... no three suns setting at once. What a beautiful sight....

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