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(No i thought it would be a cool story twist and see how it goes we could find some miraculas discovery or maybe she just goes into a coma. Just ideas)

"Gus just think. If this thing kills us you wont be able to love kaitlyn anyway. Either way you and her can not be. I'm sorry but it must be done there is no one else. You were meant to kill him but now it is too late for you and me. It must be her"
Jax turned to look at kaitlyn
"I know it's hard but it must be done"
Jax stood up and brushed the grass off his robe
"She must be trained. I assume you wil train her. I will try and hold him off for as long as I can. Kaitlyn is the only one who can do this but first you must teach her. teach her how you use her power but not to fall to the dark side. I can not garantee you long so do what is necesary"
Jax walked towards kaitlyn and blessed her in a language she did not understand. he then muttered
"Gus needs to talk to you"


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