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I wrote the first bit of the first chapter for our Oleander Meets Loboto fic that Klia and I are working on. We don't have an asylum name yet. Suggestions?

The Unamed Fic

Oleander reached once again for the crumpled; coffee stained slip of paper, buried deep within his pockets. He had looked over it a million times but his gloved hand held it once more just to see if he had read it right. It was a letter with infuriatingly small type, but it was readable and if he squinted hard enough he was able to make out the message.

Dear Morceau Oleander,

___ ___ home for the mentally deranged asks for your services. We have come to understand that you specialize in the field of psychological studies. ___ ___ only asks for your services due to a slight patient overflow. Said patient has been restrained and undergone many theraputic sessions but it is felt that someone of your ability is needed.

We are sure a man such as you must have a full schedule but we would greatly appreciate it if you would contact us as soon as possible and set up an appointment.

Thank you for your time.

____ ___

Oleander smirked when he read the line ďA man such as you must have a full scheduleÖĒ Of course he didnít. In fact he hadnít been hired for months and was barely making by, and the money made from the summer camp was drying up quickly. The world just didnít need Psychonauts anymore. The world had moved on and he had not.

^Above picture=awesome.
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