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Originally Posted by TyraaRane
Well, I can't think of any asylum names, but I think it's an awesome start. I particularly love that last line, for some reason.
Aww thank you. I literally spent three minutes on it as the story was just a small idea. But Klia is going to write the next part otherwise I would have dropped this.

Now to point out all the things wrong with it:

1. I'm sure I've heard that last line somewhere. Its probably a cliche or something, I just can't remember where.
2. I have absolutly no creativity. I STILL can't come up with a name for this asylum.
3. There isnt much known about the avalibility and reknown of Psychonauts so whatever I say is probably wrong or a continuatiy error. Because if Psychonauts weren't needed, why would there be so many? Why would so many parents send thier kids to a summer class if it proved to be so useless? Why would Sasha and Milla be widely known?

So many questions. And unfortunatly I can't answer a single one of them. D@mn me and my analyticial ways.

^Above picture=awesome.
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