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I don't wanna confirm or prove anything, but i read a very high qualified Games magazine, the Power Unlimited.

They have confirmed most of the games in the list:
-Pro Evo 6: They (PU) have tested pro evo 5, and the producer said they where making another one, to counter the improving Fifa.
-Half Life 3: We will get Aftermath. But EA bought Valve, and knowing EA...they will make a Half Life 2006/2007 and a Hl-Undergound (just kiddin)
-UT 2007: Already confirmed, and well under way
-Ninja Gaiden 2: Seen something of it...supposed to be X-Box 360 game
-Halo 3: Bungee didn't show it (yet), so it will be a X-Box 360 launchgame
-GTA 6: Rockstar licensed some names, the list was published in the Power Unlimited, there where about 6-7 of them.

This might be a little off-topic, but all i want to say is:
The list is relatively good, in my opinion.

I woudn't be surprised if K3 is made in secret, so Uncle Bill has a secret weapon if the PS3 or the Revolution would do better than the X-360.

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