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(so I did, my bad)

Jax blocked a vicious attack from a sith corpse. Jax staggered backwards. He could feel Gus and Kaitlyn, they were worried about him. Jax tried to send a message to Gus telapathically, "Don't try and help, Train her" he tried to say. He had no idea if it had worked. Jax kicked at a corpse and his foot sank throught it's ribs, jax used force push to get it off him. Jax then sliced a corpse in half.
"Whats the matter Zion? Scared?" Jax taunted
Zion smiled
"No I just want to see hoe you fight"
"You realise I wont give away my fighting style so easily?"
Jax roundhouse kicked a corpse and it's head fell off.
"This is basic combat"
Zion frowned slightly
"Are this sith lords too weak for you Master Polara?"
Jax spun around and sliced a corpse's leg off
"weak is an under statement"
Jax force pushed a corpse into another who fell into another and they were kababed on a steak on the wall.
Zion threw his cloak to the floor
"I see there is nothing for it then, I'll kill you myself"
"You may try but you will not suceed"
Hurry Gus teach her fast Jax thought desperately


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