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Okay. :P (Gotta love the sig.)


1) The PS2 has the best controls IMHO, weapon fire and the change weapon buttons are linked to the shoulder buttons. It literally means you intuitively fire with R1 and change primary weapon with R2, while 'Grenading' with L1 and changing the grenade with L2. Also means that if you're in a hurry with a Jet Trooper you can fire a EMP rocket, change to commando pistol and fire off a dozen blaster bolts before the missile hits the target. Way better than using the black and white buttons on the X box controllers. They're not designed to be pressed in a hurry.

2) Well, I haven't seen the PSP in action for Battlefront, although the static screens are pretty ugly, I'll give it that. None the less, I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt, as it does have hardware similar to the PS2, without the problem of having to display at such a high resolution. It's a cop-out commenly known to PC users: Lower the resolution to up performance.

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