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(( sounds cool, let's try it ))

"I always am..." He dodged a slash an jumpe dover Jax.
"Cover the rear, I got these ones."
Gus did a fancy strike and knocked a corpse to the floor. He flund himself ontop of it and his saber sunk into it's stomach. he tore it out and continued in a gorey yet amazing fight.
Gus's arm started to bleed. He was losing too much blood. He started tot urn pale as he stumbled over and fell on his back. "Damnit..." He rolled to dodge a kick from a mummy.
"Gus!" Kaitlyn saw him faint. Her darkness took control and unleashed itself. like Gus, she had controlled her darkness long ago. before she had met Gus.
"C'mon you wanna-be sith. is that all you got?"

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