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(In this post Jax is going to unleash all his anger and hate and fury so he will insult both Gus and Kaitlyn. Don't take offence or anything cus this is it)
Jax felt it
Jax tore at his tunic and rapped it tightly around Gus's wound
Jax glared at her
"You may think you can control the darkness but you can't! darknes can never be controled"
Jax struck at a corpse. He had to control himself. But what was Gus thinking training her? It would have been easier to get a more experienced jedi in. But it was too late.
"Kaitlyn stop looking at Gus and FIGHT!"
This is why Jedi should never fall in love Jax thought
Jax kicked a corpse away from Gus
Jax got out his other saber he clicked the ends together to form a double bladed lightsaber. One end was Blue the other Green. jax sliced through the sith like a hot kife through butter.
Jax felt his hatred rise. Jax stopped he felt something...something he had not felt in years...he hadn't felt it for so long he had almost forgotten. Jax looked at his saber and threw it to the floor. He looked at Kaitlyn and Gus and Zion and walked out of the temple. A corpse jumped at him but it bounced back as if stopped by a forcefield. Jax walked out into the sun shine. He smiled and collapsed to his knees. He had been stabbed in the chest. But his anger had disapeared.he smiled then collapsed. He was at peace....finally. He closed his eyes and let go....


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