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MP Skills Question


(long post - sorry)

I have some basic questions about MP in SWRC. My son and I just started playing online - SWRC is our first attempt at a first-person shooter in an online environ. We are hooked!

We enjoy CTF the most (when teamwork is happening), but haven't tried Assault mode yet - looks promising. TD is fun once in a while when we want to vent.

This site and the Basic Training site have been very helpful at getting us to a moderate level of competitiveness (double-tap movement is a god-send). Thanks for all the great info. We are still 'ultra-noobs' by every stretch of the definition.

We realize there is still a lot of room to hone our skills - especially in being able to aim under motion during combat.

What we have noticed (either while playing or via spectate) is that there are some players who simply seem super-human; always killing in one shot; never dying and far outscoring the rest of the lot. Usually they are using the shotgun and sniper rifle - trading off between the two depending n the situation.

My question is: Are they that good, or are we running into occaisional cheating on some of the servers? Is MP cheating (autoaim, increased shield effectiveness, etc) even possible in SWRC online? Is it prevelant?

Are there any good resources for additional strategy and tactics that anyone can recommend. We really enjoy this game, and want to get better at it.

Thanks a lot for reading - I appreciate any comments.

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