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Duaryn - Thanks much for the reply. I'm not really fond of Center View - only good if you're on the same horizontal plane as the enemy, and just as easy (better?) to aim w/ mouse by my account.

Reducing Mouse Sensitivity has helped a lot. We reduced it from 6 to 2 and saw a definite improvement - thanks for the tip.

We consistently get Pings in the 40's and 50's on our favorite servers, which I don't think is too bad. We have been playing like crazy this last week, and can see the improvement already.

I do agree that 99% of the 'super players' we run into are just that good. I am still convinced that there are a rare few that are running some sort of cheat - last night there was one player in DM with an obvious speed cheat - he looked like one of those high speed silent movies, and the difference between him and every other player was night and day.

Our noob learning tactics have been as follows:

1) Use DM play to practice movement and aim. Mastering movement as second nature is imperative - turning, spinning, moving in all directions (esp backwards) without thinking is an essential skill. Better aim seems to come almost naturally once we can move effortlessly. Effective dodging is another movement skill to focus on. Here the jump and double-tap dodge come into play.

2) Learning to use melee when appropriate and without hesitation.

3) Use CTF to practice strategy. This includes predicting other players movements and predicting other players prediction of our movements (like doubling back before going through a door and getting behind the guy who was predicting your exit). Also learning to cooperate with your own team members. This is why I love CTF so much better than DM - it adds several dimensions to the game. I'm getting regular flag captures and recoveries now.

4) Learning player and weapon spawn points - know the maps.

All in all, I think we just need to keep practicing. I am starting hit #2 through #4 ranking on some matches (nowhere near that on some of the 'serious' clan servers).


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