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(im interested to see how this will trun out)
"dargen 17, report the main hanger imediatly." a voice said over the intercom.
well its time i guess. i put on my armor, made sure i grabed enough ammo from the armory.
when i got to the hanger i saw that my team was assembled and ready. we were the best of the best. specialy trained for the most dangerous missions. the ones that had to be done to make sure the battle was won.
"load up" i ordered
and as if one entity they all moved to the ships. i got in my own and spoke to the pilot.
"we are aiming for the capital ship."
"yes sir"
and we set off. we were about half way to the capital ship when we recieved a message telling us that we have been reassigned. i was to be given 600 clone soldiers and sent to the jedi temple to help the jedi out.
"very well sir" i replied to my new orders. "men we are going to help the jedi at the temple"
6 minutes later we landed just out side the jedi temple.
"i want our snipers lined up along these buildings. they are to take out droidiekas and super soldiers."
"yes sir" and the master sniper ran off to carry out his order.
"i want the jet troopers to jet in and fire a volley of consentrated emp fire at the driods in large groups. make sure no jedi are harmed if possible."
"yes sir" he ran off and started barking orders
"everyone else listen up. we have only 4 tanks. so tank leader take your men in fast and hard. the rest of us are going to try to make a whole for the jedi to get out. if we fail to defeat the droids we will call for an evac. but we will save that for a last option. men ready up!!!"
the battle was about to begin.

and thus yoda said "whoop your ass i will, yes"

waaaaa jeeedddiii

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