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"we wait until the tanks blow a hole in them. then we move in and try to keep that hole open until the jedi are evacuated. " i said into the com.

suddenly the tanks rushed in. the explosions forced a hole open just as i planned.
"forward men!!" i ordered as me and my 400 clone soldiers rushed forward.
"who is the master jedi incharge here?"
"i am" said a strange looking jedi.
"sir we are here to evacuate the jedi, you and your jedi must follo..."
"sir! the driods have cut us off!!!!" yelled his second in command.
"damn!" i yelled. i thought for a moment.
"order all sipers and jet troopers to attack the droids at a single spot."
"have the reinforcements on stand by" i whispered to my second in command.
"yes sir" and he ran off baring orders.

and thus yoda said "whoop your ass i will, yes"

waaaaa jeeedddiii

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