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zeta 47 sat in the command base in coroscaunt next to hangerbay had been some time since the unmarked fighter joined.and he hadnt seen any droids.yet.then he heard a shuttle landing practically on top of him.he looked out and there was a ''civillian'' vessel right outside his camp.the cockpit opened,and i jumped out."wha-43?what are you doing here?!you arent stationed anywhere near coroscaunt!!!" he yelled at only response was,"shutup and let me into the armoury,private." of course,him only being a recruit he had to get out of my way.i loaded,then heard somthing odd.clang......clang.......clang.....somthing odd was happening.i turned slightly and the noise stopped.then i looked around and saw nothing."but jedi always say never to trust your the force..ack this 'force' seems fake" i said to myself.then i stopped looking through my visor.i had taken a mental note of where everything was.then the middle of the picture started to fade a bit,then a red glow of eyes,then a bit of brown,then droid spierlike legs,then a chamelon droid.i opened my eyes fast and shot at where the droid was.there was some static then it came visible and fell over deactivated.i ran out.i heard the same noises.clang....clang...clang.i took another mental picture then shot the droids to death.i walked to the building to arm myself with a DC-17 sniper attatchment.then i heard those same noises but sprinting.clang clang clang clang clang clang clang clang clang.not stealthed. a normal battle droid sprinting...but...assassin droid!i ran as fast as i could,making sure to stealth run.the reddish battledroid stood there with a sniper rifle.heavy repeater sniper.i walked up to the droid silently then shot about fourteen shots into the droid.the clones still examining the chameleon droids looked up only to see a battledroid falling deactivated from the sky and a clone commando following on a grappling hook.i walked off to head to my ship and find another place with more droids in it.before leaving,i told the clones to take a mental note of where everything is if they hear another chameleon droid walking in stealth mode.i flew off,then headed to the clone commanders location at camp alpha..

the covenant is invading!
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