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"sir we are getting a few reinforcements"
"how many?" i asked
"24 more troopers and alot of... barricade equipment?????
"what? that has to be a mistake!" i yelled
"its no mist...." he fell over dead from a sniper shot.
"looks like u just got promoted" i said to the next in command.
"master jedi!" i yelled
"yes?" asked the jedi
"is there any part of this temple that can be quickly baricaded and made into a small fortification??" i asked quickly dodging a sniper shot.
"well yes. south of here there is a building. one of the other masters can show you" he said
"second in command! take that equipment and the 24 men and follow this jedi. set up a fortification that we can fall back to." i ordered.
"yes sir" he ran off to carry out his orders
the droids begane to close in.
"sir! we have lost half of our men!"

and thus yoda said "whoop your ass i will, yes"

waaaaa jeeedddiii

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