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(nice, gonna make me fight eh?) (well if its a fight u want lol) (im having fun writing this)
"ha, they are doing just as you said sir."
"good" i said
"alright call in to command tell them to send us as many tanks and reinforcements as possible. also contact the nearest ship and have them fire at the droids location. snipers concent trait on their right flank. jet troopers concent traite on their left flank. heavy troopers conentraite fire on those tanks before they get into range. engineers sent up a field of mines. also set up turrents behind that building. clone commanders distribute health. jedi master. gather all the jedi that you have that can either use force push or lightsaber throw. lets get this party started." i said
"sir!" was the replie from the troopers."
"also see if we cant get any mini-walkers down here." i said.
"master jedi, have all your jedi who are able to fight that cant do the things i previously said, defend the heavy troopers. they dont actualy have to fight so much as block." i said.
"very well" he said. the master jedi turned and went to collect the remaining jedi.
"second in command. its time to bring in the rest of our squad." i said.
"sir are you sure thats nessecary?"asked the second in command.
"nessecary? we are goign to crush these droids into the ground."

and thus yoda said "whoop your ass i will, yes"

waaaaa jeeedddiii

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