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I actually got my applications rejected, so i'm working on a second costume, building it from the ground up this time, before I re-apply. My sister who did my original make-up is going to sew me new tunic/robes for my Darth Maul costume.

Alot of people, especially my sis, don't understand how my costume got rejected, and she took great offense. Anyways, here is the original costume:

For the NEW costume, I am using Kropserkel's design as a template, and I have to track down those damn boots. Maul's boots in the movie is a pair of Frank Thomas' Apollo Gore motorcycle boots that have not been manufactured since 1998.

I am looking at this pair, but they are not too easy to find in the US. So I might even have to find another brand.

I think being in the 501st could be alot of fun, but I just hope after putting in all this effort, I don't get rejected again.
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