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As soon as 626 and his partners landed in the CIS ship they landed and jumped out shooting at the droids. 626 had trouble opening the cockpit window until a blast from a droid knocked it loose. He jumped out shooting at the auto-turrets, on the walls and ceiling. As he started towards the door, two droidekas rolled out. Before one could put it's shield up, 626 took a shot and hit it directly in the head and shield generator, destroying the droideka. As the one exploded the other turned on it's sheild and started firing at the soldiers. One was hit and fell to the ground right away as the others took cover behind the starfighters.

638, second in command, threw a emp grenade at the droideka killing the shield. then 626 took a shoot at it destroying it. They soon had the hangar clear as one droid would apear from behind the door every-so-often. The 16 men, including Omiron 626 ran to the communications room to knock out first so no chance of calling for backup.

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