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I'm gonna go with post apocalyptic, but one way I take it is that, it's the distant future where there are cities and stuff that are totally civilised and futurific, but we don't see them, we see what's on the other side of the tracks which are biker gangs and frontiers of nothingness and lawlessness. It could be incorporated into the post apocalyptic thing as we could say that after some big war, most of our own civilasation was left to the dirt, to be built up again, but cities like London and New York grew up again quickly and so on. There's a whole load of history that one could come up with on the fly, none of what I've said is canon and I don't claim it to be, but it's one way of looking at it if you wanted to look at it in depth.

To be perfectly honest though, I'm just happy playing the game, there's a richness to it that doesn't come from the history or the time period, but instead from the characters, which is why it's so great.

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