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Originally Posted by ^Invader
Well Groovy you know me, i can see why in the first pic thou it looks like it's a rubies Darth maul costume :P Cause the booties don't lie hehe me i got 2 costumes mainly found a really good set of ABS Clone trooper armor under 500.

The best bet is find out what garrison your near and sign up on the forums and tell them your a potental member and want to talk to the GML about what is acceptable then when you send your pics in the LMO (which is on my crap list right now) is really picky anyway Im going to pm you with my number I can try to help you out as much as possible.
It IS a Rubies Darth Maul costume, but I paid over a hundred bucks for that thing when it came out. I usually wear rubber work boots that resemble a space type boot, and look shiney when you give them a coat of armor all. When I bought that costume at the time, I was merely doing it to impress the guests at my Halloween party, then over the years people encouraged me to dress up on the convention circuit and what not. Mostly due to the make up job, you HAVE to give my sis props for the make up. First time it took her about four hours, then she had it down to about 30 mins.

I plan to make my new costume as close to the movie as humanly possible. One bitch I have picky CAN you really be? I mean I seen Maul costume pics in the rosters on the site that look worse than mine. I THOUGHT the 501st was a cool bunch of people who do charity work, but part of me thinks they are just a major snob fest. I've never met any of them in person so I really don't know.
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