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as i flew over coroscaunt,i saw the jedi temple with many clones there and jedi.then i saw a clone evac dropship.evacuating while droids have the upper hand?that was insane...or was it?just as i dodged a missle i saw a vulture starfighter flying to leave coroscaunt and regroup,and then his power supply just went dead and he plumetted to the ground.maybe the commander down there wasnt as crazy as i thought.but still..i have to cloak becouse they would order me to leave the i flew into range of the jedi temple i punched the switch and flew in stealthily.what the clones below didnt see was a rift in the air.confedaracy cloaks werent as well as the republics.i didnt have to note where everything was to know that there was a confedaracy dropship in stealth mode.i couldnt let them touch down and release thousands of specops stealth droids!if that dropship was cloaked then they were to.i flew in and locked on the target and estimated where it would land then landed myself and switched on active camo.i saw a rift in the air touch down and before the landing gear could even deploy i set one mine where droids would be rushing out and one on the dropship.then i heard landing gear and a loading ramp unload and seconds later fifteen droids went flying and the dropship demolished.i looked up to see the clone evac ships being demolished by droids.i saw the largest group,and swapped my DC-17 rifles ammo with a devastating plasma mine,aimed and fired.BOOM! a large amount of droids flying in the air and some exploding.a couple remained and i chose to save my ammo.then the same stealthed droid feet walking by,but this time they faded away.this droid wasnt a chamelon droid and was more independant then ever.especially good with stealth,to.before i could find out where the droid was he knocked me to the ground.afterwards he came out of stealth and appeared as a gun-metal greyish droid with blue eyes and had seen many battles.the droid didnt mock me as the usual show-off droids did.i dont think this one had a vocabulator,but then if he didnt then why wasnt there a small spark around where a normal droids vocabulator was?it could speak but refused.i got up and stared at the droid,not knowing what to do.he was unarmed,and rifle to fists obviously isnt fair.before i could choose he drew a CLONE rifle that was attatched to his back,and while he was a droid!the droid aimed at my head and fired.i jumped out of the way only to see that he wasnt aiming at me.he was aiming at an aproaching droid!but then i saw the differance between that gun-metal droid and normal droids.he had the galactic republic insignia tatooed on his arm.must be a new droid, i thought.the droid walked past me with the clone rifle at his side.i thought for a second then dashed up to the balcony to take care of snipers and the snipe all droids but the droid i just met....(the gun-metal grey droid wasnt any of you guys -.-)

the covenant is invading!
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