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(nice an ty for the help)
as the evac ships were lifting off they came under heavy fire. 1 went up in flames. then dargen 17 noticed something. it was almost unnoticable. but not quite. it was a rift in the air. he knew immidiatly that there was a cloaked ship. but on whos side? he sent 10 men using a small access tunnle that the driods couldnt use.
3 minutes after that there was an explosion. then there was a second explosion. this explosion didnt come from his men. but it came from behind the droids. he only had snipers left out there. besides the 10 men he sent. but they had reported that they hadnt even seen the explosion let alone caused it. they also reported finding no cloaked ships.

"scan the area with infra-red (spelling?)"
"yes sir"
a minute later they replied that infact they had found a ship. but they could not find any indication to wich side it belonged to. he decided to call into hq and ask. he also ordered 50 more men to go out and help search. mean while the rest of his team had arrived.
"welcome back sardakar" said dargen
"ha! thought i would never get out of trying to hunt down the tech leader" said sardakar.
"i thought it would have been easy for you" said dargen 17
"thats what i thought. but we did find him. about 50 times. and we killed him 48 times. but he kept sending his conciousness to another bodie." replied sardakar
"well your going to have fun with this mission" said dargen 17
"hmm, must involve blowing something up then" said sardakar smileing
"why yes, it does" said dargen.
"and judging from out location..." he looked around. "you want to blow up the generators." said sardakar
"you know me all to well" replied dargen
"when do we leave?" asked sardakar
"5 minutes. oh and send sekara here" answered dargen
sardakars expression become very sad.
"i have bad news... you know sekara, he was the bravest one of us all. he always took the most dangerous part. well on our last attempt to capture the tech leader... we were forced to retreat. and he stayed behind to cover our escape. there was an explosion... i dont know if hes alive or not."

and thus yoda said "whoop your ass i will, yes"

waaaaa jeeedddiii

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