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Operation "Hours"

During the clone wars both the CIS and the republic are obssesed with gathering support. A Republic Transport has been shot down by the CIS on it's way to a meeting with the supporters if the Republic efforts. The Republic emediatly retaliate with an attack a CIS blockade. You are part of this retaliation. You can either be a member of the CIS or Republic.This is an open battle. There is fighting in space and on the planet below (This is a small planet with a large city which takes up most of the planet. It is night time and there is a blackout in the city which the CIS occupy) the blockade. Fill out the following info for example....

Faction: Republic
Class:Clone Sharp shooter
Equipment: Custom sniper rifle, Blaster Pistol, Armour, Nightvision Goggles
Strenghts:Aim, Agility
Weakness: Piloting skills

once this is done join the role play....I will post my own info soon


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