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Name: Known as "Viper"
Age: Unknown
Faction: Republic
Class: Solider, Squad leader
Equipment: Custon Blaster Rifle with scope, duel blaster pistols, 4 thermal grenades, 4 EMP grenades, 2 Mines, 2 Time Bombs, Binoculars, Advanced Clone Armour
Strengths: Leader skills, Aim, Agility
Weakness: Honour

Viper's Squad had been given the honour of being the first squad on the ground for operation "Hours". The Republic Dropship sucessfully infiltrated the blockade without being detected. As soon as Viper gave the signal the Republic would start their attack on the planet and in space. The CIS was oblivious to the fact that the Republic were about to take revenge for what they had done. The dropship had silently dropped them near the city without being detected. The ship had been hidden and now Viper was leading his men into the lions den.

The squad had reached the city and had encountered little resistance. The city was in blackout so the they had no idea where they were. They were all equiped with nightvision. Viper galnced through his binoculars at the armed guard standing by one of the entrances to the city. Viper had dispatched his sqaud to form a perimeter around the gate. His two sniper boys were in position and so was he. But this wasn't as easy as he had planned. Viper knew the city would be protected but he had no idea how many gun implacements the CIS would have. his was a stealth mission so they could not arrouse suspission. Viper gave the signal and hsi men sucesfully dispatched of 6 droids in quick sucsession. Viper gave the word...
"Release hell from above"
And the battle began....above the republic ships exited hyperspace and took the CIS by surprise at least thats what thought.....
A air strike was called in on the door and Viper moved his squad forward.....


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