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Name: Gus (Unknown last name)
Age: 17
Faction: Neutral
Class: A former Spec Ops leader for the Republic
Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Spec ops equipment, Sniper Rifle
Strenghts: Stealth, Speed, Accuracy
Weakness: Piloting Skills
Notes: Gus is currently on the planet below, during the blackout. He is in a HUGE abandoned mansion with CIS searching everywhere for him. he is also a rouge, so the Cis and Republic are both hunting him.

Gus jumped over the broken desk and continued his run. He withdrew his blaster and took a sharp turn down the hall. His momentum and speed caused him to crash into a closed door. there, laying on her back was a younbg woman, about his age, with black hair and blonde highlites. Her hair was chin length and was a little curly. She didn't seem dangerous, so he knelt down next to her and took out the medpack he had found. There was a tear in the bottom of her pants, near her ankle. Her leg was bruised and scarred around the spot. he started to wrap the bandage around her leg when her eyes opened.

( She is based on my NEW girlfriend named Julie. Who will NEVER dump me, cuz we were like best friends for a few months and then I asked her out. Hooray! She of course answered yes. )
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