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ZAP!ZAP!ZAP! said the EMP blasts from my DC-17 sniper attatchment.the droids fell one by one and then were attacked from the inside by the greyish droid i met earlier.then i saw the clones in full was i supposed to know in two seconds id be flying through the air?i didnt know the clones plan.when i saw them running i was confused at why they were retreating and continued firing.then i saw the greyish droid retreating.then i looked over my shoulder only to see a heavy explosion begining to erupt from the generators.just as they exploded i jumped off the balcony and was sent flying far away from the i flew through the air i saw some confederacy dropships flying to dropoff droidekas and others i didnt seem to notice me and flew just close enough for me to jump on and took a knife related to a lightsaber (but wasnt or the jedi would attack me) from a hidden pocket in my boots.the clones records about me said that i wasnt armed with anything but what i carried at my side.the secret pockets allow me to smuggle items with me.anyway,i jabbed the knife through the confedaracy dropships roof silently and dropped through.luckily,i dropped into the one was one cloaked either.what i thought was odd was the fact that there was a trando heavy repeater in the room.strange.i grabbed the trando repeaters ammo and swapped the DC-17 rifle pack into my pocket and placed the repeaters ammo in my rifle.i walked forward into the next room and then stumbled back into the armory,knowing that repeater bullets wotn work well unless their fired super fast..i grabbed the firing end of the repeater and replaced it on the tip of the DC-17 rifle and walked forward into the next room.the clones below saw the dropship and then were stunned at the fact of it blowing up.before it exploded,i jumped out as fast as i could making sure to avoid coming in contact with any clones.when i came down i found myself back to back with the grey droid facing millions of droids."you go to the right.ill take the left." the grey droid said."on my mark." this could have been the first words he ever said."go." were his final words before we dashed off into the crowds of droids...

the covenant is invading!
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