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the explosion succeeded in killing most of the droids. but more came to replace the ones that died. although their odds had inproved they were still out numbered. the 10 soldiers that had been sent to hunt down the "intruder" were under orders to stay out of the fighting if possible. dargan ordered that the cloaked ship be placed under HEAVY guard and the ship disabled. dargen also sent a message to the capital ship in orbit requesting that they send 1000 soldiers to help fight the droids and find this "intruder"
(onboard the capital ship in orbit)
"sir dargen 17 has requested that we send 1000 more men to hlp fight the droids and find..."
"find what?"
"the message is distorted. but he said something about a cloaked ship and an intruder..."
"tell him we cant spare 1000 men. we can send him 478 men."
"yes sir"
"also have all the evac units go back and drop off the jedi masters, they can help."
"yes sir"
as the young soldier ran off to carry out his orders, the capital ship came under attack. the captian ordered all guns to open fire, and any and all star fighters not engaged to attack the enemy ship.
"sir we are recieving 2 signals."
"hmm?" said the captain looking up.
"one if a distress signal from the senate. the droids are closing in."
"order them all into the shielded chanbers. it wont stop the droids forever but it sould hold long enough for reinforcements to arrive."
"yes sr"
"what about the second signal?"
"its a satalite image sir. the one we had monituring the battle, the satalite took a picture of a man and a greyish droid fighting back to back agianst a large amount of droids."
hmmm cloaked ships unexplained explosions.. could it be him? the commander thought to him self.

and thus yoda said "whoop your ass i will, yes"

waaaaa jeeedddiii

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