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(note that his will take place in the clonewars cartoons.terribly sorry if i ruin some of the plan)
i looked around at the droid parts that was once about maybe a hundred droids.the greyish republic droid finished reloading and went off towards the senate."you grapple up to the chancelors room.ill take care of the droids." the grey droid said before changing to a sprinting speed and disappeared into the building,with blastershots following.i did as it told me,grappled up to the chancelors room to help.when i was almost there i saw somthing flying through the air.but the sun blocked my view.unluckily,he came into view and i saw it was the main target of the republic.general grievous.he landed some distance ahead of me,and i dodged out of his view quickly and continued climbing.when i was about a yard or two away from the chancelors office window i found grievous staring straight at me.i reached for a grenade locked in my belt but general grievous was faster.before i could even reach for the grenade i was trapped by grievous four-sharp edged feet and thrown across coroscaunt.but i deployed a grapple before he saw me.i hit the retract button and went flying,but grievous got there first.he was an inch away from palpatines face with jedi having sabers active and four clones.the chancelor was braver then i thought to be face to face with grievous and not even flinch.then grievous grabbed the chancelor and threw him at the jedi.or maybe it was force push...anyway the jedi caught palpatine and retreated.the clones fought their best,but ended up slashed to death,hurtled out the window to thier doom or just plain,what the jedi didnt know,was that after all the normal clones had been killed i jumped through the window and shot at grievous with everything i had.i ran out of ammo quickly,though.but the good news was that some dead clones had the new E-11 rifles and they were advanced rifles this time.i dropped the repeater DC-17 and swapped for dual advanced E-11s.grievous was nearly dead when he reached at hidden sabers somwhere in his cyborg model.i shot out everything and from the right view,i looked like i had a white upper torso clone armor with the rest of the outfit black.meaning upper torso was white and leg armor was colored blackish.anyway,grievous was actualy panting when he tossed a large item from the chancelors office at me.easy to dodge,though.grievous retreated into the hall after the jedi.obviously i followed,becouse he was the republics number one enemy right now,and i wasnt going to let him escape.when i opened the door i had to close it and dodge behind a wall to avoid having my head blown off by an ithorian battle cry.very powerful.actualy hurts to hear that battlecry since its about..oh say...THE VOLUME OF A MILLION!when i opened the door the jedi were in an elevator and grievous was drawing near.instead of fighting,i switched on active camo and dashed inside the elevator.while we were going downward,we found grievous actualy running on the wall after us and tilted his head to watch stupid clone had the stupid idea of stupidly launching a stupid rocket while he was in the stupid elevator...well...yeah.really stupid to try that.just about blew him to smitherenes,to.but grievous fell off.when the elevator touched down,we were in big trouble.grievous AND his magnagaurds were waiting.i dashed out and fired,which deactivated my by one the magnagaurds heads were blown off by advanced E-11 shots.only six remained and i decided it was time for me to give the jedi a hand by blasting off grievous' head.i saw him running ahead and chased him,guns blazing.he avoided most shots,but i did hit him.then he ran off and i saw the jedi headign towards a train station after nearly bening bludgeoned by magnagaurds.i ran to catch up.four awaited the three jedi.i grappled to the top of a building that wasnt very high,but i could still see.then a magnagaurd noticed me but only attacked jedi.when he was about to make his first attack i dashed forward and jumped at him,grabbing the droid and slamming him into the ground.he was temporarily stunned,but before he could react i drove about fifty advanced E-11 shots into him.i watched the jedi fight,and found a few new tricks to try.slamming a droid into a droid,crippling both droids and slamming a droid onto train tracks and letting the droid be hit by the train.i followed the jedi to a long area with a fast moving pod.then i heard thousands and thousands of those magnagaurds coming.shaak ti stayed behind while the others ran to the chancelors bunker and i always follow the soldiers code.a good soldier never leaves a man behind!i wasnt just about to let shaak ti become a mangled mess on the floor becouse of those magnagaurds!as they came i attacked and when they swarmed i used everything i could to fire,at once i actualy thought i was carrying all of my weapons and firing at once.after a short while every magnagarud was scarp metal.shaak ti didnt even notice me and ran after the pod,and i followed on a grappling hook.when i arrived,i could still hear sabers clashing,but i couldnt help becouse of the quadrouple melted durasteel walls and sheilds.when shaak ti arrived there wasnt any sound.the sheilds flashed open and the doors unlocked,and i ran inside and hid with active camo.lightsaber clashing,ithorian battlecry markings,sharp holder claws on the walls...and a dead ithorian and another creature that i couldnt recall its name.shaak ti looked around,then was ambushed by grievous and then left for dead,tangled by some wires that grievous ripped out of the wall.seconds later alot more jedi came and found waht i did,except for all the blaster marks.hehe..well i didnt say that i just let grievous escape now did i?mace windu stepped forward and asked where the chancelor was.the only response he got was "i have failed" that make any sense to you?no,me either.the jedi and shaak left to help fight the droid army,and i dashed to kill every single last droid i found until i had made a path of scrap metal leading to grievous so i could blast his head off!then i saw somthing that changed my was the grey droid,deactivated and lying slanted on a pile of rubble with some sparks around him.deactivated,but not permanantly.just a few parts missing,and they were right there.i reinstalled the droids parts and he thanked me,and then we headed off to..lets just say 'grab a first class ride'.and that certain shuttle we were taking 'first class' was a lander...

the covenant is invading!
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