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Viper dropped his weapon
"See to it you do not get in our way" He said his voice impassive
He signalled to his troops and they moved out
Viper glanced back and then put the rogue of his mind
He entered a broken down building and ordered his sniper's to see what was below them and what oppostion they faced. They did so. Viper waitied. They appeared moments later
"Can't See a thing"
"You sure?"
Viper wasn't sure
"I need a thermal scan of the co-ordinates im sending you now"
"Copy that......there sending you the information now"
Viper glanced at his consol
nothing...He still felt weary so he ordered his men to stay put for the time being
He paced up and down for a few minutes before he decided to use an old trick. He ordered a drop ship to drop some smoke bombs onto ther position. When the smoke covered the whole are he turned on his heat vision. He ran throught the alley ways his squad close behind him until he reached another abandoned building. He ran inside and stopped.....he had the odd feeling that he was being watched......


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