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Well, it starts out that for highschool (Catholic school) we have to donate our time to charity, 15 hours of it.

So, like I did last year, I went to St. Vincent de Paul's thrift store today and donated my time to work on the collection area. I stayed out there collection all kinds of stuff from people with my old co-worker who had trouble with english and sorted the stuff. I worked for 2 hours and was ready to call it a day when this one car comes in. I say to the guy that this is my last car.

A woman steps out of her Subaru and opens the back. Then I spot a shopping bag full of computer boxes, and I can make out the words PAINKILLER through the bag. She trys to give us a keyboard but the guy says, "No, we can't take computer stuff." She looks at the bag of games and asks us if we can take games, well, the old guy starts thinking about it, to keep him from saying no I say, "We can take computer programs, just no computer parts." So I grab the bag of games from her and I walk away looking at it. It had WarHammer 40k, Painkiller, World of Warcraft, and some other ****ty games, all look like they were never used!!!

So I grab Painkiller and WoW and put it on a table, and toss the rest into a bin. I say that I have to go so I grab them and walk into the back room. I say to this one woman that works there and tell her that I was done and wanted to get something that was donated but didn't have a price tag on it. She takes it from me and asks how much. I was going to say $10 each (I was carrying $20 with me) but before I could say it, the woman next to her says just to put $2.99(!) on both of them. She looks at me and says "Good deal huh?" And chuckles. I just kind of blurb out a yes and walk into the store area.

I jump into the line and get Painkiller and WoW for six ****ing dollars!, $70 if new. And almost **** myself. So now I'm home, and I just finished installing Painkiller and now I'm about to play. I'll try WoW later and see if it works, even if it doesn't, it was only $3!



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