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I play the sniper most, but i dislike the way they made him...

A Sniper rifle should not be a close combat weapon like it is atm, you should not be able to fire without zooming, o.k. the disruptor in the Jedi Knight series is the same, u can use it without zooming in, so u can even use it as a "Pistol"...but thats not a sniper weapon i want...i want a "1 shot + reload" rifle that kills with 1 shot or at least 2 (if i hit the legs)... otherwise i dont get a real sniper feeling if i dont need to zoom to be precise with my rifle, some of u will say now "the sniper will suck then with a 1 shot + reload rifle" and then i will say, "no u just need skill now to be a good sniper", atm its just an "oh i missed but who cares i can waste 5 more "bullets" until i have to reload"-feeling, i hope some "sniper fans" out there know what i mean. I would prefer the Projectile Rifle which u can use in the "movie battles 2 mod" for JA, this is a "1 shot + reload" rifle, which is really deadly in the right hands, and its a weapon that gives a better sniper feeling than the Battlefront SRs give. I really hope that LA will make the Battlefront sniper some day a real Sniper not just a "Blaster Rifle Trooper with 1 more zoom level" like its now.

Some of u will agree with me and others will try to tell me that its a sniper with a modern Sniper Rifle, and i will say then, "maybe it is, but theres no real sniper feeling" and for that feeling i even miss the prone
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