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Grim Fandango cutscenes


Is there anything that can play (or, better yet, convert) Grim cutscenes? They show a white screen for me in Residual, both with software rendering and without, and Benny's Smush player won't play them (but then it's not supposed to). I assume the Smush player from the game formats site won't play them either, but it doesn't work on my computer because it's a DOS application and my windows doesn't want to run them anymore.

The sticky says this about ScummRev5:

5 can do many of the things that 3 can but it can also open *some* .lfl files, have multiple files open at the same time, and best of all view and save SMUSH movie's (eg Grim Fandango and CMI cutscenes).

But, while it opens the movie LABs, the video viewer option is greyed out.

Less fortunate alternatives:

Is there any way to record them? I tried with Fraps, but it seems my computer isn't fast enough, I get skipping. And I don't know the framerate, either. I also tried playing windowed and recording with something that's not for games but for windows video screen capture, with poor results.

Any way to compile the player from Residual as a standalone thing, so that I could possibly get it working, maybe on another computer?

Lastly, and least likely as I have no programming knowledge (but two programmers for parents, for what that's worth), anything I could do on my own to make this happen?

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