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Viper was so sure they were being watched. He looked into the grubby mirror. He could see something...
"GET DOWN!" he yelled
His troops all hit the floor
"What is it viper?"
"Snipers across the street"
one of Viper's men pulled out a recon droid, he released it and it went up the stairs. The camera showed them where the dorids were. The clone ordered the droid to self destruct next to the builidng or as close as it could get. It exploded before it hit the builing one of the sniper smust have taken it out. Viper pointed at his rocket trooper. and gave him a signal.
The trooper nodded and loaded his EMP launcher. He fired above a window and ran across the room and up the satirs without being hit. He continued up the stairs
"Keep us covered"
Viper ordered his men up the stairs whilst the rocket trooper was distracting the droids. Once they were out of sight Viper found the back entrance and ordered his men into the street. his men did so. This was becoming more and more dangerous.
Operation Hours would fail if they did not suceed. Only a select few knew about the operation and fewer about what it involved. Viper knew one thing though, his squad wasn't becoming vaulcher fodder.


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