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626 fired walking down the hallway as he managed to kill many droids with the help of his comrades. Soon he reached the bridge and started firing on the commanding droids and some neimodians stood up to surrender themselves, once the droids were all destroyed. 626 kept aim on the neimodians as he nodded for the man to lay explosives on the droid control panel. (The control panel will only will disable the droids that came from that station.)

The men ran out of the room as 626 and 638 backed up towards the door, keeping aim on the neimodian leaders. As soon as the door shut 626 and 638 turned around and started running towards the hangar, to leave this place.

Once the men ran into the hangar, they were suprised at how many droids were standing around examing the starfighters. The clones started firing at the droids, while running towards there starfighters. 626 ran towards his starfighter as he fired at the droids around the fighter. Once he made it he fumped up the ladder and landed on the seat of the cockpit, as the window closed. Once he jumped in he pressed a button and the fighter hovered and started out into space, soon folowed by the rest of the starfighters. Once all the men were out 638 pressed a button and suddenly a fiery explosion came from where the bridge was and soon the whole station was turning into fiery red flames.

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