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Thank you for reminding me Machine Cult, I was wanting to add some game specific questions, this is a SW gaming site after all

* * *

Q. Are all the Star Wars games part of the "EU"
Yes, but fall into a lower level of canonical classification. Game characters and events have definitely made an impact on other EU specifically, but not on any films of course - although ships from "Jedi Knight I" and "Shadows of the Empire" have made tiny cameos in Episdoe I and ANH-Special edition respectively.

The most well known examples of game/book crossover characters are Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade. Kyle Katarn was originally created as a character for the "Dark Forces" game. He subsequently appears in all its sequels. He was such a widely accepted part of the SW expanded universe that he eventually made small appearances in books, including the NJO series.

Mara Jade, as described above, originally appeared in the Thrawn Trilogy books, but has since appeared in 2 star wars games. She was an unlockable character in the PS1 game "Masters of Teras Kasi" and, as Machine Cult has mentioned, was the central character in the "Jedi Knight I" expansion pack - Mysteries of the sith

Mara and Kyle also have another unique distinction, in that they have actors that have portrayed them. Kyle Katarn was in the great cutscenes in "Jedi Knight", and Mara Jade was portrayed by Shannon Baksa for the old Star Wars Card Game by Decipher. Baksa is frequently seen as Jade - in her leather pants and purple cape taking photos with drooling fanboys at conventions around the world

Q. What about "Knights of the Old Republic" ?
KOTOR and its sequel "the Sith Lords" are RPG games for the PC/Xbox with an immersive storyline, set 4000 years before "A New Hope." They are not directly based on the comics of this era, but refer to characters/events and places quite alot. They are awesome games, highly recommended.

Q. I heard the movies of the games contain deleted scenes ??
This does apply for the episode I game and the episode 3 game especially. Basically, characters and events that were never shot made it into the game to give players a more complete experience of the events of the film. For example, In ROTS, there is the little cameo of Cin Drallig (ie. Nick Gillard - the stunt cordinator) - who can be seen in a holorecording of when Anakin/Vader attacked the temple. In the game you are able to duel against Drallig and other jedi in the temple. (Thank you to Darth Terros for reminding me to put this in!)

Q.What the hell is "Yoda's Stories" ?
This is possibly the weirdest and or coolest of the SW games, depending on who you ask. It is almost impossbile to track down these days... It doesnt have much EU significance though

I'll add more as it comes to mind !


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