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The cantina glitch (exploit!)

It's been a few weeks after the cantina wall glitch was discovered. You can enter the inside of the cantina's walls by jumping over the right bench in the booth left of the health and ammo droids (the bench that is slanted \). Once you are stuck in the corner, duck and stand up until you go right through the wall. From in there, you can fire upon enemies, but nothing can hurt you back, not even lightning. It was awsome at first, only a few of us knew it. But more and more people learned it and now it's just chaos. All you can do is pray that it's your teammate who's in there. It's a good cheat, unless you are the one being cheated.

Anyway, I, and I'm sure several other people would be grateful if lucasarts made a patch like they did in galaxies so many times.

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